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Today's video is super exciting because I am sharing some of my recent home decor finds and I am also hosting a giveaway!! Levoit has teamed up with me to give away one of their Himalayn Salt Lamps! Check out all the details in my video! 


Items Mentioned:

1. Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp:

2. Salad Bowl (similar here): 

3. Target Soap Dispensers: 

4. Verse of the Week Wall decor: 

5. Bath rugs (similar): 

6. Basket Tray (similar here): 



Giveaway Rules:
1. Be a subscriber of my channel and follower on my instagram: misspaulalove
2. Leave me a comment on why you would want to win one of these lamps
3. Be a follower of  Levoit's social media sites
*Winner will be announced on May 27th on my instagram.

DIY Home Decor: Spring Wreath

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Hello There!

Spring has finally Sprung and I am officially in Spring mode! I have been spring cleaning, updating our home decor and doing a lot of decluttering along the way! I am especially excited about this Spring because its the first one we are spending in our new home! As a new wife, I am excited to fill our house up with beautiful Spring decor. 


I had been on the search for the perfect little wreath to place outside of our home but really did not find one in my price range or something that I was willing to splurge on. I decided most of them were overpriced anyways, so I thought I would make my own instead! 

In this post, I show you how to make two types of wreaths perfect for Spring! There are so many types of wreaths but these two are especially super easy to make! 

1. Wreath #1: Box Style Wreath


What you will need:


Metal Wreath Ring:
Eucalyptus Stems:
Floral Wire:
Wire Cutter:


1. Begin weaving your floral stems into each box of your metal ring. 

2. Cut excess stems with wire cutter. Make sure floral steps are all lined in the same direction that way it flows throughout the ring

3. Begin securing the stems down by tying them down with floral wire. 

4. Continue until the whole wreath is complete

5. Decide where you would like for your flowers to sit on the wreath

6. Cut down the stems of your flowers and weave the end of the stems into the wreath. 

7. Tie with floral wire for extra security 

Thats it! 

2. Wreath #2: Grapevine Wreath


What you will need: 


Wreath #2
Grapevine Wreath:
Glue gun: 
Floral Wire:


1. Arrange your greenery and choice of floral on the wreath 

2. Weave the stems of the greenery into the grapevine wreath and hot glue on the stems on to the wreath. 

3. Tie stems down with floral wire

4. Cut stems off of flowers and hot glue them unto the wreath. 

Thats it!

I hope you enjoy! Let me know which one is your favorite and make sure to watch my video to see how I made these!



Home Decor Haul!

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First off, I just want to say that I am so excited for the Spring season to get here! All of my favorite home decor stores are releasing tons of cute Spring decor and I am loving it all! In this post, I share with you some of my recent finds! They range from home, kitchen, bathroom and office decor!  


With new seasons also come new scents and new color palettes. I personally love florals and pastels for the Spring so I am ready to decorate our home with pretty florals and soft colors!



Products Mentioned: (I tried finding the exact items, however, some are unavailable online so I linked other cute options!) 

1. Similar artificial greenery: 
2. Similar artificial roses:
3. Target plastic bins:
4. Target Blushing Amber candle:
5. Another cute wastebasket:
6. Another cute trinket dish:
7. Cute Planner Stickers: 
8. Cute Dividers:
9. Ikea Kitchen Towels:
10. Ikea Shower Curtain: 
11. Similar Altar'd State Candle: