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Hello There!

Home decoration has become one of my passions and I have enjoyed working on all the rooms in my house throughout the last two years. One of my favorite rooms in the house is my office room. It doubles as my office, vanity area and closet in one! I recently gave it a huge makeover and I am so happy with the way it turned out!

One of the main things I wanted in this room was an accent wall. I wanted a place where I could display some of my favorite items that hold a lot of meaning for me. I found these two shelving units at Ikea and thought they would be the perfect place to display some knick knacks.


I also found this clothing rack that fits perfectly between the two shelving units. On this rack, I plan to hang clothing items that are special to me in some way or that I am currently loving at the moment. As of right now, it holds some of the dresses that I wore for my wedding activities such as bridal shower dress, engagement photo dress, honey moon dress and more! Check out my video for the full story on each one of these pieces!


In addition, I also wanted a place I could sit down and read a book or just chill. I found this really cute loveseat at Wayfair and decided to give it a shot. I love how it ties the room together and its the perfect accent piece in the center of the room. I also added these curtains from TJMaxx that let the natural sunlight seep through.


When it comes to getting work done, nothing inspires me more than a cute desk area. I purchased this desk from Ikea several years ago and it is still holding up. I included some motivational frames to help me stay focused and inspired. This is where I like to sit when I really want to get work done.

In the far corner, I also keep my 9 drawer unit that holds my makeup collection!


On the other side of the room, I set up a vanity station to get ready. I found this vanity at Ikea and the mirror at Target. I also found this acrylic chair on Amazon. I love this station because it motivates me to get ready at home instead of in the car like most days!


In the corner, I placed my full length mirror. I love this mirror because its huge and wide! It also helps the room look bigger and brighter. Its perfect for selfies and getting ready!


Overall, I am in love with this room and how it reflects my personal style. This is my little happy place in my home and I love walking into it every day. Like any room, I always feel I can tweak this room or add something new so it will still be a work in progress but I am definitely satisfied with how it turned out so far! I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired you to create a place you love.

Furniture Shown:

1. Shelving Units:

2. Clothing Rack:

3. 9 Drawer Unit:

4. Mannequin:

5. Desk, similar:

6. Vanity:

7. Pink Tufted Chair:

8. Loveseat:

9. Marble end table, similar:

10. Gold mirror:

11. Full length mirror:

12. Rug:

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