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Hi everyone!

I'm seriously so excited about today's post because I finally got around to cleaning my closet and today I am sharing with you just how I turned the mess into an organized array of my favorite items! 


As I mentioned in the video, Ricardo and I moved into our home six months ago. If you have ever moved before, you know that just unpacking is a workload of its own. Organization is more of a luxury!  Recently, our closet became pretty unmanageable, mainly because we kept piling things up hoping to put it all in its place one day. With out busy schedules, it seemed like that day would never come until I finally said, enough messy closet! 

I decided to go out and purchase some organizational items that would motivate me to re-organize everything. I found these storage bins at Target and they have made everything much easier! I sorted my clothes into 5 categories in these bins: Tank tops, short sleeve, long sleeve, workout wear and sleepwear. I added little labels to make it easy to identify. 


 Next I tackled the rack. I think clothes on racks can seriously get so messy because you can be so tempted to just hang things up in no particular order but this just creates a mess. I started by weeding out any random hangers I had in between clothes. I then sorted item by item and determine if I wanted to keep it. When I had taken out everything I did not want, I went ahead and separated everything by category: sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve, and jackets. 


Once I sorted the clothes I no longer wished to keep, I sorted it into 3 piles: donate, Poshmark and get rid of. Any gently used clothing items that I think are still in good shape are posted on my Poshmark closet here:


I followed the same procedure with Ricardo's side of the closet and organized his clothes into similar categories. I decided to hang his jeans on these multi-pant hangers that fit 4 on each. They save space and keep them neatly folded. 



Items Mentioned or Used:
1. Clothes bins (similar): 
2. Pant Hangers: 
3. Laundry Hamper:
4. Shoe Organizer (similar): 
5. Ottoman (similar):


It seriously took me 5 hours to re-organize everything but it was so worth it! I feel like I can finally breath and its actually a joy to walk in. It has also helped wear things I forgot I had! I hope this post gave you some organization ideas and that it inspired you to get organized! 





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Hi everyone!

I know its been awhile since I last posted. Life has been so busy but I am thankful for it all! I am really excited to be posting today because I have a big announcement! The Lord has put in my heart for quite some time to be more open about my faith on my social media platforms. My faith is the most important part of my life and it directs my every decision. I am excited to announce that I am starting a new series on my channel titled: Wonderfully Made. I will be posting on self-love, faith, hope and everything in between. I want this to be a way we can connect and share with each other what the Lord does in our lives. I hope that through this series, we build each other up and grow in faith and love.

Please let me know if there are any specific topics you would like for me to talk about in this series and I'll make sure to do so. 

I hope that it will be a blessing! check out my first video, where I announce this series and give you a little sneak peek!




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Today's video is super exciting because I am sharing some of my recent home decor finds and I am also hosting a giveaway!! Levoit has teamed up with me to give away one of their Himalayn Salt Lamps! Check out all the details in my video! 


Items Mentioned:

1. Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp:

2. Salad Bowl (similar here): 

3. Target Soap Dispensers: 

4. Verse of the Week Wall decor: 

5. Bath rugs (similar): 

6. Basket Tray (similar here): 



Giveaway Rules:
1. Be a subscriber of my channel and follower on my instagram: misspaulalove
2. Leave me a comment on why you would want to win one of these lamps
3. Be a follower of  Levoit's social media sites
*Winner will be announced on May 27th on my instagram.